Cecil Field Master Jet Base
Here are some pictures taken October 2005.

The main entrance to the base has moved east. The old guard shack still stands but the main administration / security building is gone. The parking lot is still there. 103rd.Street no longer connects to Normandy Blvd. It really looks weird to old timers like myself to be able to stand in a dirt pile that was once a very busy intersection.

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Last time you'll see the water tower standing.
Tower Down!!!
Looking west toward Normandy from the old 103rd St & Main roadbed.
Looking East down old 103rd roadbed toward the new entrance.
Looking South at the old entrance and guard shack. Admin / Security building was to the right.
Admin / Security parking lot. Building was located in the grassy spot on the left.
Looking North from about 1/4 mile down the old Main Drag back toward the guard shack. Softball field and picnic area to the right.
Remember these street lights glowed an orangey - yellow color?
I had to brush pine needles away to reveal this beautiful monument.
"Spirit of Cecil Field"
Hero's Walk and Freedom Trees.
Prisoners of War, Missing In Action from Cecil Field.
Viet Nam, 1973, Operation Desert Shield 1990, Operation Desert Storm 1991

LCDR Randolph Ford, LT Carl Wieland, Capt. Bruce Nystrom, LT Dale Raebel, LCDR James Sullivan,  CDR Jim Hall

LCDR Fred Wright, LCDR Michael Hoff, LCDR Denver Key, LCDR John Davis, LT Steve Musselman, LCDR Lee Cole,

CDR Peter Schoeffel, LCDR M. Scott Speicher VFA-81,  LT Robert J. Dwyer CVW-8

P.O.W. & M.I.A. Vietnam Memorial
Operation Desert Shield - LT David Warne VFA-86, PO-3 Anthony J. Flemming VS-30, PO-3 Michael L. Belliveau AIMD, AA Randy L. Neel VFA-83