The Yellow Water Weapons complex began in 1959 rising up from a former gunnery range. The excerpt form a 1961 issue of Leatherneck magazine confirms this and answers many questions I had about this facility. Note the picture of raising of the colors at the admin building. The flag had 48 stars! Perhaps they had not yet received the 50 star flags as Alaska and Hawaii were admitted to the Union in 1959.

Leatherneck Magazine Cover
June 1961
Raising the colors Lance Corporal
W.L Shubert
controls vehicle
patrols from
the Guard Shack
The Basketball team
Coached by Lt. Raiselis,
won the Cecil Field
intramural championship
Daily Volleyball matches
are played between
teams made up of
guard and office
The barracks team
finished second in
Cecil Field Competition.
The Air Conditioned
mess hall was
one of the navy's
PFC W.L. Woodward
PFC T.R. Gray
relaxed in their quarters.
Marines demonstrate
their strength by
lifting an entire car
in an off duty gathering.
Marine Barracks
Yellow Water,
Cecil Field
Sgt Elliot Smith
enjoyed some
off duty fishing
at one of the
 well-stocked fishing
spots aboard the
newly activated
Florida Base.